Jerry Hilliard for Michigan’s U.S. House District 4: Meet the Candidates 2018

Up North Progressive

The next US Congressman to represent the people of Michigan’s fourth district is Jerry Hilliard. Hilliard was born in Mid-Michigan and attended Central Michigan University and the University of Michigan – Flint Campus where he earned degrees in Business, Biology, Physical Education, and his MBA. Jerry Hilliard has worked in both private and public sectors. He worked for Nabisco and taught Business and Economics at Whittemore-Prescott High School and in Virginia.

Progressive issues Jerry Hilliard will fight for include Medicare for all. Too many people, especially young parents with children don’t have health care in Michigan and can’t afford it with the low-paying jobs Michigan is only capable of producing under Republican control. Hilliard also supports the policies of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the legalization of marijuana, a fair minimum wage and protecting the rights of LGBT citizens.

Currently, Jerry Hilliard is endorsed by the Michigan AFL-CIO and the AFT.

To find out more about Jerry Hilliard’s campaign, visit his website and sign up to get involved. The 4th US Congressional district is a large one originally gerrymandered with direct input from former Republican US Congressman Dave Camp. Jerry Hilliard is a progressive who will make things better for the people living in the 4th District. Let him know he has your support and your vote on November 6, 2018.


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